Hunting with loudoun fairfax

Loudoun Fairfax Hunt meets on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. 

Cap Fees: $100 Weekends/Holidays, $80 Weekdays, $25 Juniors

Caps are limited to four (4) per season

Hunting by permission of the Masters. Please call: 

Ms. Gretchen Kuney, Honorary Secretary 703-727-4483
Ms. Gin Richardson, Honorary Secretary 703-957-4633 

Capping fees should be made payable to Loudoun Fairfax Hunt and are payable at the meet.

All interested riders must come with a signed release. You can find the release here

We welcome new friends, have the best tailgates, and offer support and advice to horses and riders starting our in this great, historic sport. We offer jumping and non-jumping/jumping optional fields. Membership applications are available. 

If you don't know a member who can sponsor you, you can contact:
Gretchen Kuney     Hon. Secretary    703-727-4483  
Gin Richardson     Hon. Secretary    703-957-4633 

Or one of the Masters below:     

Donna Rogers     MFH    540-338-4031    
Linda Devan     MFH    703-887-2711    
Michael Harper   MFH    732-485-9486    
Paul Wilson         MFH    703-431-8861 

They will arrange your cap, designate a member to be your guide, and introduce you to other members. For questions and further information, you can also contact:
Kim Ginn

Interested in membership ?