Please help us in welcoming our new Huntsman, Neil Amatt who hails from Pembrokeshire Wales.

Neil is a 3rd generation professional hunt servant who started his career in 1999 for the Duke of Rutland where he worked in the stables. He then continued his career working with the Heythrop and Fernie hunts across the pond before moving to the states in 2007 to be a kennel-Huntsman for Midland Fox Hounds.

He has hunted up and down the southeast from Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina and Tennessee, where the primary quarry was coyote but also included red fox, gray fox and bobcat.

In 2012 he moved to Blue Ridge Hunt for one year before moving to Piedmont Fox Hounds in 2013 where he has been on staff as a First Whipper-In for the last 4 seasons. His time here has acquainted Neil with the challenges of the Virginia hunt country. Neil and staff are off to a great start,
working with the hounds and preparing our hunt territory for the season.

The Masters are also look forward to introducing the subscribers to Neil’s wife, Nicole and their daughter Zara. In addition to her regular work as a nurse at Fairfax Hospital, Nicole is an accomplished event rider and trainer.